DPH Pedestal Range

BUZON DPH-02 (25-36mm)

BUZON DPH-02 pedestal is adjustable from 25-36mm.
Height range
Adjustable uninterrupted from 25 to 36mm.
Addition of PH5 slope corrector gives 0-5% slope correction.
Height with PH5: 34-45mm.
The DPH-02 is comprised of 2 components (base and head).
Co-polymer polypropylene (CPP), material thickness 2 to 5mm.
Composition: 80% CPP recycled, 20% talc + UV master batch black, and 100% recyclable.
Dimensions DPH-02
Top – diameter 150mm, surface area 177cm2
Base – diameter 200mm, surface area 314cm2.
Performance characteristics
Resistant to aging, poor weather conditions, UV light, almost all chemicals, and rot proof.
Suitable for use in temperatures from -30°C to +90°C.