Strip Drain

Megaflo Subsoil Drainage

Megaflo® is a rigid, high-flow velocity panel drain designed for roads and sports fields. It works faster than any other road drainage system, protecting pavements against long-term structural damage. The Megaflo® drainage system requires only a narrow trench so installation costs are significantly reduced. Because of its stiff structure and high flow velocity there is also less risk of siltation.

The Megaflo® system has a corrugated panel supported by internal pillars along the length of the drain. This shape and structure gives Megaflo® a high crush resistance whether the drainage system is used vertically or horizontally.


The Megaflo® subsoil drainage system is manufactured in Australia from recycled materials. It is narrow in width making it easy to install and is stiff in the vertical axis. Geofabrics can supply installation equipment to ensure for a safe and rapid installation process.


The Megaflo® system’s design simplifies the installation process, significantly reducing costs. It has a high crush resistance and an unmatched drainage response time.