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Cementitious Repair


Granotop is supplied as a ready to use, factory prepared, dry powder. Granotop is a blend of Portland cement, graded aggregate and chemical additives which reduce water demand and produce an easily trowelled concrete screed finish.


  • Excellent adhesion to most substrates when surface is prepared correctly and primed with   Renderprime S
  • High strength
  • Easy application and mixing
  • Can be screeded to create falls in drainage areas

Typical Properties
Compressive Strength @25OC
24 Hours – 10 MPa
7 days – 25 MPa
28 Days – 32 MPa

Initial Set – 75 minutes
Final Set – 130 minutes
Pedestrian traffic – 24 hours

All surfaces to which Granotop is to be applied should be clean and sound. Cracked or damaged concrete should be repaired, and any oil, grease or chemical contamination must be removed prior to application of Granotop.

Prime the concrete using Renderprime S mixed 50% with clean water, just prior to commencing the repairs. Apply the primer with a roller, broom or spray to give an even film over the surface. Porous concrete may require priming a second time to seal the surface.

Premix 0.8 litres of clean water and 0.8 litres of Renderprime S for use as gauge liquid. Add this  (1.6 litres) to the mixing vessel and slowly introduce the Granotop powder while mixing. The addition of excess water will promote bleed and segregate the product, which can result in reduced strength and/or a chalky finish. Mix thoroughly for 3
– 4 minutes using a forced action mixer suitable for mortars. Only mix as much product as can be used within the initial set time.

Screed the freshly mixed mortar over the primed floor to give the required levels or falls. Compact the mortar using a wooden float, and finish to the required standard using either a float or steel trowel.
Ensure a constant supply of freshly mixed  Granotop to ensure continuity in the screed.