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Floor Levellers


Levelflow is a cementitious self levelling compound for use as an underlayment for carpet or vinyl. Levelflow is suitable for use at depths of between 0 – 15mm in a single application, and can be feather edged to achieve a smooth finish. Levelflow is supplied as a ready to use, factory prepared, dry powder. Levelflow is a blend of selected cements, polymers and chemical additives which result in a fast setting underlayment with excellent adhesion and negligible shrinkage.


  • Excellent adhesion to most substrates when surface is prepared and primed with Levelflow Primer
  • High strength finish, ideal for underlayment
  • Fast setting – final set within 90 minutes
  • Easy application and mixing

Typical Properties
Compressive Strength @20OC
24 Hours – 12 MPa
7 Days – 20 MPa
28 Days – 25 MPa

Initial Set – 50 minutes
Final Set – 80 minutes