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Open Cell

Open Cell Backing Rod

Pasco open cell polyurethane foam expansion joint filler is specifically designed for use in expansion joints in a variety of applications such as bricks, blockwork, panel joints, floor joints etc.

Suitable for horizontal and vertical joints, sealing of internal wall joints, draft proofing and sealing windows. It is used as a supporting material to Pasco sealants to give the correct thickness and also acts as a bond breaker, permitting the most efficient joint design.


  • Faster sealant curing
  • Allows air access to both sides of the sealant
  • Uniform curing
  • Easier fitting into uneven joints
  • Economical
  • Easy compression
  • Avoids sealant bubbling with easy vapour release
  • Convenient packaging in manageable rolls
  • Suitable for both horizontal and vertical joint

Available Sizes

  • 10mm x 210M
  • 16mm x 150M
  • 22mm x 100M
  • 29mm x 60M
  • 38mm x 30M