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Cementitious Repair

Pavecure P

Pavecure P is a high quality polymer emulsion for use in curing concrete, to reduce moisture loss from the surface due to evaporation.


  • Economical means of curing concrete
  • Contains no wax – dries clear
  • Single coat – easy application
  • Water based material – safe and equipment can be washed in water
  • Contains fugitive dye – so that you can easily see whether areas have been covered evenly

Pavecure P is suitable for use on all freshly laid concrete either smooth or textured, indoors or outdoors. Pavecure P will help to reduce moisture loss due to evaporation from the surface of concrete.

Surface Application
Apply Pavecure P to the concrete as soon as the bleed water has gone and the new concrete has hardened sufficiently so as not to be marked by the application process. Apply Pavecure P undiluted at a rate of  1 litre per 5 m2.. Best applied by spray, however, may also be applied by brush, roller or broom.

Supply & Packaging
Pavecure P is available in either 20 litre or 200 litre  drums. Pavecure P should be stored in a cool, dry place in original unopened containers. Shelf life under these conditions is 12 months.

Pavecure P is designed for use in ambient temperatures between 5° – 40° C and all properties listed above assume a temperature of 20°C. Where conditions outside this range are encountered, please consult our technical staff prior to application.

Always read the product data sheet, MSDS and product label prior to use of this material.