• Project Overview

    As a significant addition to the revitalised Gasworks precinct in Fitzroy North, a towering six-storey educational institution, designed to accommodate up to 650 students. The ground level welcomes you with a spacious entry forecourt, ample bicycle storage, administrative offices, indoor sports arenas, and a versatile amphitheatre for performances.

    The first to fifth floors are thoughtfully designed to offer diverse learning environments and facilities catering to various departments. An additional indoor sports court is strategically located on the third level. The school’s design is crowned with a tiered rooftop terrace, offering students open-air spaces and an extra sports court.

  • Details

    Application: Waterproofing Membrane & Paver Pods

    Location: Gasworks - Fitzroy,Victoria

    Year: Mid 2022

    Products: Aquaproof 110, Buzon Pedestal

    Contractor: Baron Forge

    Architect: GHD Woodhead Grimshaw

  • Baron Forge Gasworks Buzon Paver Pod System
  • Baron Forge Gasworks Buzon Paver Pod System
  • Baron Forge Gasworks Buzon Paver Pod System
  • Baron Forge Gasworks Buzon Paver Pod System
  • Baron Forge Gasworks Buzon Paver Pod System
  • Baron Forge Gasworks Buzon Paver Pod System
  • PASCO AQUAPROOF 110 Waterproofing Membrane

    PASCO AQUAPROOF 110 is a one-part polyurethane waterproofing membrane that, once cured, forms a tough, seamless, rubber membrane. It boasts high tensile strength and tenacious adhesion to a variety of substrates.

    Key features of AQUAPROOF 110 include:

    1. Extreme Flexibility: With an elongation of over 750%, it can accommodate structural movements and variations.
    2. Fast Curing: It cures rapidly, reducing downtime and accelerating project timelines.
    3. Superior Adhesion: It adheres tenaciously to various substrates, ensuring a secure and durable waterproofing solution.
    4. Easy Application: It is user-friendly and can be applied with ease, making it a practical choice for various projects.

      In the context of the Fitzroy Gasworks development, AQUAPROOF 110 has been used to provide a robust and reliable waterproofing solution. Its high performance and easy application have contributed significantly to the quality and durability of the development’s communal open spaces. The membrane’s extreme flexibility and fast curing properties have also ensured a smooth and efficient installation process. Overall, the use of AQUAPROOF 110 has enhanced the resilience and longevity of the Fitzroy Gasworks development, making it a key component in the project’s success.
  • Buzon Adjustable Pedestals (Paver Pods)

    A key feature of the Fitzroy Gasworks development is the expansive communal open spaces for students. These spaces are not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional, thanks to the use of Buzon Adjustable Pedestals, also known as Paver Pods.Functionality and BenefitsBuzon Adjustable Pedestals are innovative construction elements designed to support raised surfaces. In the context of the Fitzroy Gasworksdevelopment, they have been used to support the pavers that make up the communal open spaces.

    The use of Buzon Adjustable Pedestals offers several benefits: 

    1. Versatility: They can be adjusted to accommodate varying heights, making them ideal for use in areas with uneven terrain.
    2. Durability: Made from high-quality materials, these pedestals are built to withstand the elements and heavy use, ensuring the longevity of the communal spaces.
    3. Ease of Maintenance: The raised design allows for easy access underneath the pavers for maintenance and repair work.
    4. Drainage: The pedestals create a gap between the ground and the pavers, facilitating effective drainage and preventing water accumulation.

Impact on the Fitzroy Gasworks Development

The use of Buzon Adjustable Pedestals has significantly enhanced the functionality and appeal of the communal open spaces within the high school for the Fitzroy Gasworks development. These spaces serve as social hubs where students can gather and utilise the outdoors throughout the day.

Moreover, the durability and ease of maintenance of the pedestals ensure that these spaces will remain in excellent condition for years to come, contributing to the overall sustainability of the development.

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