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Create raised timber & paved floors on balconies, podiums & roof tops

Buzon Adjustable Pedestals, the premier choice for versatile and durable decking solutions. Our pedestals are engineered to perfection, offering unparalleled features that set us apart from the competition.

Key Features:

  • Height Adjustment: Ranging from 12mm to an impressive 1070mm, our pedestals cater to various construction needs.
  • Slope Correction: Built-in slope correction up to 5%, with an additional 10% achievable through accessories, ensures a level surface every time.
  • Heavy Load Support: Designed to withstand heavy foot traffic, our pedestals are ideal for public spaces and commercial installations.
  • Rapid Installation: Time is of the essence, and our pedestals can be installed quickly and efficiently.
  • Fire Rating: Compliant with building regulations, our fire-rated options ensure safety and peace of mind.


  • Durability: Crafted to resist the elements, ageing, and UV rays, Buzon pedestals maintain their integrity over time.
  • Innovation: With a legacy of revolutionising pedestal technology, we continue to lead with cutting-edge solutions.
  • Sustainability: Our commitment to the environment is evident in our use of recycled materials, making our products a sustainable choice.
  • Technical Support: We provide specialised technical support to assist you at every step, ensuring a seamless installation process.

Choose Buzon Adjustable Pedestals for a robust, reliable, and eco-friendly foundation for your decking projects. Discover the difference that quality and expertise can make in transforming your outdoor spaces.

  • - Designed & manufactured in Belgium
    - Made from 5mm thick 80% recycled polypropylene
    - 2, 3, 4.5, 6, 8 & 10mm Paver Spacer Tabs
    - Adjustable heights from 12mm to 1070mm
    - UV stable & chemical resistant
    - Provision for mechanical fixing if required
    - Inbuilt safety locking mechanism
    - Millimetric adjustment

  • - Provides a sustainable solution

    - Easy access to waterproofing membrane

    - Allows for positive drainage & air ventilation

    - Reduces sound transmission & increases temperature insulation

    - Ability to conceal services (i.e. plumbing, electrical etc)

    - Compensates for 0-5% fall

    - Will support up to 1000Kg to a height of 1070mm

    - Quick & easy installation

    - Reduces weigh loading by eliminating sand & cement mortar beds