• Project Overview

    Graeme Alexander Homes recently completed a transformative project utilising Buzon Pedestals to revamp the existing pool design. The project aimed to enhance the aesthetic appeal and functionality of the outdoor space while ensuring structural integrity and durability.

  • Details

    Category: Buzon

    Location: Melbourne

    Year: 2022

    Product: Buzon Pedestal

    Builder: Graeme Alexander Homes

  • Challenges

    The existing pool deck posed several challenges, including uneven surfaces and outdated brick paving. Additionally, minimising costs and construction time without compromising quality were key objectives for the project.


    To address these challenges, Graeme Alexander Homes opted for Buzon Pedestals with the joist holder accessory. This innovative solution allowed for the creation of a level
    and stable foundation for the new decking material. By utilising the pedestals, the need for extensive demolition work was minimised, resulting in significant cost savings and reduced construction time.

    Benefits and Outcomes

    • Cost Savings: Utilising Buzon Pedestals saved on demolition costs, as the existing brick paving could serve as a base for the new deck.
    • Efficiency: The joist holder accessory facilitated quick and easy installation, reducing construction time and labour expenses.
    • Aesthetic Enhancement: The use of Buzon Pedestals allowed for the installation of modern decking materials, enhancing the overall appearance of the pool deck and increasing property value.

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