Enhancing Safety and Accessibility: Latham Tactile Studs and Asbra Safety Solutions at IKEA Richmond's Foyer

  • Project Overview

    In the heart of IKEA Richmond, where design meets functionality, a crucial aspect often goes unnoticed—the commitment to safety and accessibility. The foyer, with its grand curved staircase, posed a unique challenge that demanded innovative solutions. This is where Latham Tactile Studs and Asbra Safety Stair Treads and Nosings stepped in, transforming the staircase into a showcase of safety and design synergy.

    Challenges of Curved Stairs:
    Curved stairs, while architecturally stunning, present distinctive challenges, especially in high-traffic areas like IKEA's foyer. Ensuring the safety of customers and staff navigating these stairs becomes paramount. The need for a solution that seamlessly integrates with the aesthetic appeal of the space led to the selection of Latham's tactile studs and Asbra's safety stair treads and nosings.

    Latham Tactile Studs: Guiding the Way:
    Latham's tactile studs, strategically placed on the curved stairs, serve a dual purpose. Beyond their primary function of aiding visually impaired individuals, they also enhance the overall safety of the staircase. The contrast between the studs and the stair surface provides a clear visual guide, ensuring a safe ascent or descent. Crafted with durability in mind, Latham's tactile studs withstand the rigors of high-traffic environments, making them an ideal choice for a bustling space like IKEA's foyer.

    Asbra Safety Stair Treads and Nosings: Form and Function Unite:
    Asbra's safety stair treads and nosings seamlessly complement the aesthetics of IKEA Richmond's foyer while delivering uncompromised safety. The unique challenge posed by the curved staircase required a solution that could conform to the contours without sacrificing safety features. Asbra's expertise shines through in their tailored approach, ensuring each tread and nosing fits the curvature of the stairs precisely. The high-visibility, non-slip surface of Asbra's products adds an extra layer of safety, instilling confidence in every step taken.

    Benefits for IKEA Richmond's Foyer:

    1. Enhanced Safety: The integration of Latham's tactile studs and Asbra's safety solutions creates a secure environment for everyone accessing the curved staircase.
    2. Architectural Harmony: Both solutions are designed not just for safety but to seamlessly blend with the overall design aesthetic of IKEA's foyer.
    3. Durable Performance: The high-traffic nature of the foyer demands solutions that can withstand constant use. Latham and Asbra deliver durability without compromising on safety.
  • Details

    Category: Safety Flooring Solutions

    Location: Richmond, Melbourne

    Year: 2013

    Product: Tactile Studs, Safety Stair Treads and Nosings

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