The Istana: A Waterproof Crown Atop Melbourne's Skyline

  • Project Overview

    Originally named 'Dynasty Melbourne,' this architectural marvel underwent a fitting transformation, earning the title 'The Istana,' where 'Istana' in Malay translates to 'Palace.' Completed in December 2014, this urban palace stands tall as a high-rise apartment development comprising 350 residential units spread across 20 levels. The ground floor boasts a mixed-use space, hosting retail tenancies, while four levels are dedicated to parking and tenant amenities, featuring a 15-meter swimming pool, sauna, gymnasium, BBQ areas, and a movie theatre.

    CK Architecture's Vision: Blending Tradition with Modern Elegance:
    CK Architecture's ingenious approach was to orientate The Istana to embrace the lush green expanse of Flagstaff Gardens. Rooted in contemporary architectural inspiration, the design pays homage to a nearby old factory, seamlessly integrating with the heritage features of the streetscape. Bold massing and a meticulously crafted façade design characterize the lower levels, incorporating articulated formal elements to harmonize with the surroundings. The modernity of the building comes to life through a façade treatment that cleverly combines precast texture surfaces, perforated metal podium façade panels, and commanding vertical elements, resulting in a tower design that captivates the skyline.

    Waterproofing Excellence for Rooftop Splendor:
    While The Istana stands as a testament to architectural finesse, its rooftop required a level of waterproofing expertise to match its grandeur. Pasco's waterproofing solutions were employed to ensure that every inch of this urban palace remains impervious to the elements.

    Benefits of Pasco's Waterproofing Solutions:

    1. Unmatched Durability: Pasco's waterproofing solutions provide a resilient shield, ensuring longevity against Melbourne's diverse weather conditions.
    2. Seamless Integration: The waterproofing application seamlessly integrates with the rooftop design, offering discreet protection without compromising aesthetics.
  • Details


    Location: Melbourne

    Year: 2014

    Product: Pasco Waterproofing

    Architect: CK Architecture

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