• Project Overview

    The Ivanhoe Gardens project stands as a testament to modern architectural ingenuity, incorporating innovative solutions like Buzon pedestals and Aquaproof 110 to redefine the functionality and aesthetic appeal of its balconies.

    The utilization of Buzon pedestals showcases a commitment to structural excellence. These pedestals, known for their versatility and strength, provide a stable base for the balcony flooring, ensuring durability while seamlessly integrating with the design. The precision and engineering behind the installation of Buzon pedestals at Ivanhoe Gardens elevate the outdoor spaces, offering a secure foundation that harmonizes with the surrounding environment.

    Furthermore, the application of Aquaproof 110 on all balconies enhances the project's sustainability and longevity. Aquaproof 110's waterproofing capabilities offer an added layer of protection, safeguarding the balconies against moisture and environmental factors. This not only extends the life of the balconies but also reduces maintenance requirements, exemplifying a forward-thinking approach to construction and design.

    The combined use of Buzon pedestals and Aquaproof 110 at Ivanhoe Gardens exemplifies a synergy between innovative technology and architectural finesse. The result is a harmonious blend of functionality and aesthetics, where the balconies not only exude elegance but also prioritize structural integrity and durability. This integration of cutting-edge solutions demonstrates a commitment to quality and excellence, setting a new standard for contemporary construction projects.

  • Details

    Application: Waterproofing & Paving

    Location: Ivanhoe, Victoria

    Year: June 2022

    Products: Buzon Pedestal, Aquaproof 110

    Contractor: Baron Forge

    Developer: Blue Earth

    Architect: CHT Architects

    Landscape Design: Jack Merlo Landscape

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