Luna: A Star Wars-Inspired Residency with Buzon Pedestals Paving the Way

  • Project Overview

    In the vibrant realm of architectural homage, Luna, Elenberg Fraser's latest four-story residential venture on Barkly St, St Kilda, takes inspiration from an iconic Star Wars moment—the infamous 'dancing girl' gold bikini worn by Princess Leia in Episode VI: Return of the Jedi. Luna transforms this cinematic elegance into a tangible structure, with every curve and contour paying homage to Leia's draped white robes.

    Much like Leia's attire, Luna's curvaceous form gracefully mirrors the flowing lines of the iconic robes. Yet, it's not just an architectural ode; it's a meticulous translation of cinematic aesthetics into a residential masterpiece. The shimmering gold glass and metal mesh materials echo the colors and textures of Leia's legendary gold brassiere, bringing a touch of Star Wars allure to the St Kilda skyline.

    Beneath the celestial elegance of Luna lies a ground-level marvel created with precision—paved areas intricately designed using Buzon Adjustable Pedestals. These pedestals form the foundation, elevating the outdoor spaces to new heights of functionality and aesthetics.

    Luna isn't just a tribute to cinematic history; it's a testament to the fusion of cosmic design and practicality.

  • Details

    Category: Paving

    Location: St. Kilda, Victoria

    Year: 2013

    Product: Buzon Pedestal System

    Architect: Elenberg Fraser

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