• Project Overview

    TEKNE were engaged by the homeowners to assess water leaks entering the dwellings laundry/bathroom from above where there is a suspended patio. Even though the patio had sufficient fall towards one side, directing water to a gutter, it had poor drainage due to the synthetic turf sitting directly onto the poorly applied existing waterproof system, resulting in its failure.

    TEKNE removed the synthetic turf, high-pressure water-blasted the substrate at 4000 psi, allowed it to dry before applying a 1-part water-based non porous primer and 2 coats of a water-based UV stable polyurethane membrane. TEKNE then protected the membrane system with 2.5mm Coreflute board and applied a 30mm drainage cell over the top before reinstating the thoroughly cleaned synthetic turf, unblocking the drainage holes in its bottom lining. To ensure the work was successful and there were no water leaks below, TEKNE then ran water in all areas for 30 minutes.

  • Details

    Category: Waterproofing Patio

    Location: Fitzroy, Melbourne

    Product: Pasco Aquaprime NP, Pasco Aquaproof 201PU PLUS, Pasco Coreflute Board, Pasco 30mm Drainage Cell Sheet

    Waterproofer: TEKNE Asset Remediation & Protection

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