Unveiling The Face: Where St Kilda's Spirit Meets Architectural Ingenuity

  • Project Overview

    In the heart of St Kilda, a residential marvel emerges, redefining Melbourne's design landscape. The Face, inspired by the vibrant spirit of St Kilda-ness, stands as a testament to innovative residential architecture. This four-storey building, appearing sinuous and liquid, boasts a highly distinctive facade enveloping thirty-three meticulously planned apartments and two three-story townhouses.

    The Face harmonises contemporary design with practical functionality, offering a sophisticated living experience. Expansive living areas effortlessly extend onto terraces, seamlessly connecting residents to the lively street below and the tranquil beach beyond. The building's strategic layout provides breathtaking views across Luna Park to the bay and city, while ground-level restaurant and retail spaces add vibrancy to the streetscape.

    Buzon Adjustable Pedestals: Elevating Outdoor Spaces:

    The rooftop garden, a crowning jewel of The Face, features Salt & Pepper pale grey exfoliated granite pavers in an 800x400 format. Beyond their aesthetic elegance, these pavers, sourced for their functionality, ensure a practical and sophisticated outdoor living space. The Buzon Adjustable Pedestals, seamlessly integrated, provide a level foundation, elevating the rooftop garden to new heights of beauty and usability.

    For the balconies, Honed Bluestone in a 600x300 format adds an urban edge, further enhancing the building's character with a touch of contemporary style.

  • Details

    Category: Rooftop Paving

    Location: Melbourne

    Year: 2012

    Product: Buzon Adjustable Pedestals

    Architect: ARM Architecture

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