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Aquaband Butyl Tape

Aquaband Butyl Tape

Aquaband Butyl Tape for waterproofing and sealing in construction projects. This premium butyl tape is specifically designed to provide superior waterproofing performance in various applications.

Aquaband Butyl Tape features a high-quality butyl rubber adhesive that offers exceptional water resistance, making it ideal for sealing joints, seams, and gaps. Whether you're working on roofs, windows, doors, or plumbing fixtures, this tape creates a durable and watertight seal that protects against leaks and moisture infiltration.

With its flexible and conformable nature, Aquaband Butyl Tape easily adapts to irregular surfaces, ensuring a secure and tight seal. It bonds strongly to a variety of materials, including metal, concrete, wood, and plastic, providing long-lasting protection in diverse construction projects.

Installation is a breeze with Aquaband Butyl Tape. Just peel off the backing and apply the tape to the desired area. No complex tools or equipment required. It can be easily cut to size, ensuring a customised fit for any project.

Not only does Aquaband Butyl Tape excel in waterproofing, but it also offers excellent resistance to UV rays, extreme temperatures, and environmental factors. It maintains its performance even in harsh conditions, making it a reliable choice for both interior and exterior applications.

80mm x 5m Roll


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