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Features & Benefits

- Superior hardness, wear and hot-tyre resistance.
- Outstanding adhesion to clean / sound concrete. Aquepoxy® can be applied to damp surfaces / acid etching is not required.
- Resists solvents, petrol, oil, marker pen and general staining.
- Available in a range of 10 attractive base colours, Clear Gloss and line marking colours, Linesafe Yellow and Line White.
- Water-based and solvent free – for applicator safety and ease of washup.
- Equipment is cleanable with water before coating cures.
- Low odour for application in confined and occupationally-sensitive areas.
- High speed application by airless spray or by roller for smaller areas.
- A 15 year unblemished track record.


Aquepoxy® is used on concrete floors where high wear is expected or resistance against an aggressive environment is required, for example: heavy traffic areas including carparks, garages, loading bays, factory and warehouse environments where motor vehicles and forklifts are operating. Ideally suited to food preparation areas, hospitals, abattoirs, canneries, public buildings and other areas where low odour and solvent-free application is important. Also suitable for occassional wet areas, amenity blocks, etc.



Aquepoxy Concrete Floor Finish is a two-pack Epoxy floor sealer, dispersed in water and free of any solvents. Aquepoxy offers a range of attractively coloured two-pack waterborne epoxy sealers and finishes for concrete floors. Aquepoxy is supplied as a low sheen finish with a fine balance of texture and surface abrasion to give optimum slip resistance and cleanability. The Aquepoxy range of coatings is solvent-free, non-flammable and provides high chemical, oil, petrol, water and abrasion resistance.

Aquepoxy® is a waterborne, epoxy finish with a unique balance of properties. 

- Hard wearing: A tough, abrasion resistant finish giving long life protection and wear resistance to concrete floors in aggressive environments.

- Slip resistant: Slip control additives are incorporated to give the optimum balance of abrasion and cleanability required for demanding applications.

- Water-based: A waterborne system for low odour and ease of application. Ideal for application in confined or hazardous areas.


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