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Features & Benefits

- Large thin sheets
- High flow rate
- Light weight & Flexible
- High void ratio
- Benefits
- Cost effective transport and installation
- Reduces hydrostatic pressure behind walls
- Easy to handle, quick to install
- Provides airlock between drainage layer and wall (double cuspated only)


Basement flooding is a major problem for many property owners this occurs when water collects and builds up behind the walls and below floors causing hydrostatic pressure, water is then forced through joints and cracks in the structure. The incorporation of Geosheet® will prevent the build-up of hydrostatic pressure by draining away excess water.

Over a number of years, the Geosheet® geosynthetic drainage systems have established themselves as reliable alternatives to traditional granular drainage systems behind retaining walls.

The compact Geosheet® drainage material represents a real cost saving to contractors and clients in terms of low transportation and installation costs.




Geosheet® Prefabricated Subsoil Drainage System
The concept of waterproofing or protecting buildings against the damaging action of water derives from the need to avoid water and humidity related elements that act negatively upon structures. This negative effect can present itself in several ways, creating health problems, structure deterioration and facility damage. Not to mention, that repairing a building damaged by water can be very expensive!

Geosheet® incorporates both waterproofing and drainage functions, making it a simple yet effective solution to underground construction applications.

Geosheet® is a cuspated High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) drainage sheet designed to provide high void ratio drainage in vertical or horizontal applications. Geosheet® replaces the conventional use of aggregates to form drainage layers, which are expensive and difficult to compact.

Available in single and double cuspated profiles with a calendared nonwoven geotextile attached to act as a filter, Geosheet® is light weight and therefore easy to install.


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