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Features & Benefits

• 1 component cementitous membrane
• Handles positive water pressure of up to 6 bar
• Handles negative water pressure of up to 1.5 bar
• No primer required, bonds to dampened surfaces
• Approved for potable water applications to international standards
• Resistant to aggressive effects on concrete, such as salts and carbonation
• Can be applied on vertical and horizontal surfaces, excellent non-sag properties
• Crack bridging properties up to 1mm
• Can be applied by brush, roller, sprayer or trowel
• Compatible bonding properties for concrete toppings, screeds, masonry renders and tile adhesives
• Suitable for internal, underground, immersed and external surfaces
• Cost effective and ease of quality control as a 1 component product with addition of site water only, eliminating dilution risks


• Internal and external walls of basements, lift pits and cellar walls
• Potable water tanks
• Water features, swimming pools and fish ponds
• Roof areas (that will be covered with other surface toppings)
• Podiums, terraces, balconies and deck areas
• Internal wet areas
• Planter boxes, garden beds and retaining walls

Aquaproof 121

Aquaproof 121

Unique One Component Cementitious Waterproof Membrane.

Aquaproof 121 is a one component waterproof membrane that is suitable for a wide range of positive and negative waterproofing applications.

- Water Features, Pools & Ponds

- Potable Water Tanks

- Internal / External Walls

- Planter Boxes, Lift Pits & Retaining Walls

Based on advanced cross linking polymer technology, Aquaproof 121 is a standalone flexible polymer cementitous membrane that does not require the addition of any liquid additive, requiring only water added to powder to form a high quality liquid membrane slurry system. Ideally suited over concrete, masonry and mineral substrates. The cured film provides a water tight membrane that is permeable to vapour diffusion and offers excellent resistance to frost and ageing, as well as outstanding adhesion properties.


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