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Sealcomb Fillet Gauge

Sealcomb Fillet Gauge

1. Fillet/ Bond Breaker gauge.

AS3740-2021 table 4.10, lists fillet/ bond breakers requirements 12mm for Class III membranes and 35mm for Class II membranes for Internal/ External wet area membranes
AS4654.2-2012 Waterproofing membranes for external above-ground use lists a 15mm X 15mm fillet/ bond breaker requirements for External above ground liquid membranes
Remember to always check the fillet/ bond breaker dimensions with the product manufacturer Technical Data Sheet to ensure the fillet/ bond breaker sizes are compatible with the membrane system and the minimum requirements of the Australian standards.

2. Wet Film Thickness gauge

Check the liquid membrane Wet Film Thickness during the installation to ensure the correct Dry Film Thickness is achieved and complies to the product manufacturer’s specification

0.3mm | 0.4mm | 0.5mm | 0.6mm | 0.7mm | 0.8mm | 0.9mm | 1.0mm | 1.1mm | 1.2mm | 1.4mm | 1.6mm | 1.8mm | 2.0mm | 2.5mm | 3.0mm
Check your WFT coatings from primers to thick coat liquid applications.

3. Crack width gauge

Measure cracks in concrete, membranes, various substrates, window seals, facades.

0.1mm | 0.3mm | 0.5mm | 0.7mm | 1.0mm | 1.5mm | 2.0mm | 2.5mm |

4. Measuring ruler:

Our 50mm ruler of is positioned on the edge of the tool to allow measuring of right angles, tight voids, and expansion joint depths. With 1mm gradations this can be used to take a quick measure of cracks or to measure anything else.

5. Tool holder

Hang the fillet gauge of your belt lanyard for easy access and use.


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